Kalsarp Yog Shanti Puja Pandit at Trimbakeshwar

by Vidyanand Guruji
Kalsarp Yog Shanti Puja Pandit at Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarp Yog Shanti Puja : The Kalsarpa Yoga is when Rahu and Ketu star or when all the stars of fortune or planets get into a trap of ferocious circle.

The moon’s north node and the moon’s south node forms Kalsarp Yog. Complete Kalsarp yog is formed only when half of the chart is uninhabited by planets. Even if a single planet is outside the Rahu Ketu Axis there is no Kalsarp Yog.

कालसर्प योग शांति पूजा पंडित की जानकारी हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

This Yoga constitutes evil for that person. Kal is the time, while ‘Sarpa’ is a symbol for Snake. The Kalasarpa yog, which results in bad destiny. The Kal Sarp Yoga in a person’s Rashi results in the person going through a lot of struggle and pain in the first half of his life. The person remains under financial problems and painful sorrow life.

Where to Perform Kaal Sarp Puja ?

Trimbakeshwar is a Hindu temple in the city of Trimbak. People in India believe that this puja is mainly done at trimbakeshwar. People do the kalsarp pooja in trimbakeshwar in a very systematic way. They do this pooja for a group of people. However, the pandit will be advising the believers in doing kalsarp puja at trimbakeshwar. He will be reciting the mantras.

The presence of Kaal Sarp Yog in one’s horoscope is very dangerous.

For kaal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar, the temple is opened every day of the week from morning 5:00 am to evening 10:00 pm. The dress for males is dhoti and vest for kal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar The dress code for women is saree and churidar. Black and green colors are strictly prohibited for kal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar. People prefer wearing white. In addition, there is a different type of ticket for kalsarp pooja at trimbakeshwar. The cost is different for kaal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar. It relies on the place a person chooses like a hall inside or outside the temple or the AC hall.

What to wear during Puja and What things to carry for Puja ?

The believers coming for general darshan do not have to wear a strict dress code. However, male followers should wear a white dhoti and a towel. Pundit gives the dress if required.

Followers need not carry any material for trimbakeshwar kal sarp puja. The kala sarpa puja at trimbakeshwar takes place for almost 3 hours. A person should reach this place 1 day prior for kalsarp pooja at trimbakeshwar accordingly. Consequently, there are fix dates for kal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar.

In conclusion, trimbakeshwar temple kaal sarp puja has many advantages. A person can get rid of financial issues. It also avoids regular illness. Therefore trimbakeshwar kaal sarp puja builds positive thinking. It averts pregnancy and marriage delay.

For doing kal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar people can reach this place by air, by train or by road. The finest way to reach this place is by road. The bus frequency for this place is really good. Nevertheless, If you are looking for a dependable panditji who can study your kundli and help you choose the right kaal sarp dosh puja muhurat and make the preparations so you can accomplish a gentle and fruitful KalSarp Yog Puja you contact Vidyanand Shastri Guruji on 7030000788.

Kalsarp Yog Shanti Puja

Kalsarp shanti puja is mainly for success. When we worship the gold idol of snake one gets blessed by Goddess Laxmi. The money earned is spent for the right purpose. The fear disappears from the person’s mind. The mind feels peace and starts thinking in a good and positive way. Success comes in one’s life both ways professionally and financially. Kalsarpa pooja pandit chants mantras.

Family relations grow happy and strong. Kalsarpa Shanti pooja gives power to the person to protect himself from evil powers and energies. A person can save his family the negative curse of kalsarpa yog. Fear of snake disappears by worshiping kalsarpa. Kaal sarp dosh nivaran puja includes continuing flow and growth of finances in-person life. Nivaran pooja impresses Goddess Laxmi and may result in blessings from Goddess Laxmi. After nivaran vidhi person will also achieve success and reach new heights after the successful completion of kalsarpa yog puja.

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Sagar tiwari May 25, 2021 - 4:34 pm

Very satisfied result and pooja performe by guruji

Sonali May 25, 2021 - 6:17 pm

That was very helpful for me “Thank you for such a wondrous puja..Guruji..
And the place is also very nice. Must visit..

Prachi May 27, 2021 - 2:30 pm

It was very wonderful experience..

Neelam May 27, 2021 - 2:38 pm

If anyone has Kalasarp dosh then come here and worship here, after this pooja, U can see the results..it was a great experience for us.. Guruji is very supportive …🙏


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